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  • After Sales Services
  • 1. Sending technical experts to check the state of water inside the cooling systems and boilers according to the schedule.
  • 2. Installing the corrosion rock for couponing in order to estimate and monitor the overall corrosion and sedimentation in the system.
  • 3. Measurement of instantaneous corrosion by corrator.
  • 4. A variety of microbial kits such as FeB, SRB, TBC, fungi, Legionella and Nirificant.
  • 5. Sending standard coupons of corrosion, scale and bio film.
  • 6. Free consultation about controlling the state of scale and corrosion of different systems such as cooling tower, steam boiler and ….
  • 7. Holding instructional classes associated with control, prevention and improvement of different water circulatory systems.
  • 8. Providing daily, weekly and monthly technical reports to the technical officials.
  • 9. Direct communication with appropriate officials and presenting proper solutions.
  • 10. Analyzing the systems states and presenting practical solutions considering the abilities of system operation
  • Laboratory services
  • 1.Water and scale analysis.
  • 2. Surveying the performance of consuming chemical materials in water industry (based on customers’ needs).
  • 3. Production of any kinds of microbial kits such as SRB, TBC, Nitrificant bacteria, ferrous bacteria, Legionella bacteria and fungi. 
  • 4.Production of standards solutions required for industrial waters and Scales.  
  • 5.Studying and indentifying the most suitable required chemical material (corrosion and scale inhibitors, biocide and etc) for a variety of recirculating water systems. 
  • 6.Laboratory services and required advice to the customers about the equipments and test methods. 
  • 7.Training the university interns.


Questionnaire data

Please provide information on the use of chemicals, corrosion inhibitors and deposit .for the maintenance and proper operation of the boiler , cooling systems ، RO and ……Technical data download and complete the questionnaire and send it via fax or email .

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Research and Innovation

The company has carried out the study of fundamental research and searching the modern technology of raw materials,trying to improve the quality of its production