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  • With the most respect  KIMIA LOTUS CHEM. company is benefiting from past experience and offering items with high quality in the field of industrial chemical production optimizing by providing direct materials and corrosion inhibitors, anti- failing in cooling system and boiler closed circuit and reverse osmosis system.
  • Customer Satisfaction is our top priority. This starts from the day we receive your enquiry and lasts throughout our working partnerships. Our philosophy and commitment to the highest possible customer satisfaction is formalized in our lotus chem. customer excellence standards.
  • Lotus chemical believe that communication is key to the success of any long term partnership. Our documented management of your business includes an overview of your operation with focus on your business drivers, goals and priorities . We focus on understanding your organization to ensure you know how we are meeting your needs. 

Questionnaire data

Please provide information on the use of chemicals, corrosion inhibitors and deposit .for the maintenance and proper operation of the boiler , cooling systems ، RO and ……Technical data download and complete the questionnaire and send it via fax or email .

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Research and Innovation

The company has carried out the study of fundamental research and searching the modern technology of raw materials,trying to improve the quality of its production