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  • The Water Treatment Chemicals KIMIA LOTUS CHEM Company is active in the field of industrial water treatments and producer of scale and corrosion inhibitors green chemicals in cooling tower systems, boilers, reverse osmosis and closed circuits. 
  • The products of this company about the mentioned systems are corrosion inhibitor based on phosphate (boiler, cooling tower), nitrate based and molybdate (closed circuit), dispersant, biocide, algaecide and bactericide, deaerator and amine of steam line  (boiler) and antiscalant (RO). 
  • The company has been able to save water, and made the minimum level in sedimentation in critical systems for exchanger, condensers and reactors jacket.

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Please provide information on the use of chemicals, corrosion inhibitors and deposit .for the maintenance and proper operation of the boiler , cooling systems ، RO and ……Technical data download and complete the questionnaire and send it via fax or email .

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Research and Innovation

The company has carried out the study of fundamental research and searching the modern technology of raw materials,trying to improve the quality of its production